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Thursday, August 22, 2019


The website is still in an experimental phase and slowly expanding as specific goals and approaches are formulated. Taking a move forward, stop and listen approach is part of a strategy aligned to the formulation of a new paradigm that needs to feel it`s way forward and evolve in ways that present themselves as pieces of a puzzle.
There is a great deal of material and ideas accumulated which will appear here on the website in due course as the way forward reveals itself. 

 This may sound unusual to some but will be familiar to others ...

contentThe website is using a temporary template which we decided would be good enough for now as we focus on the basic working structure and essential content.
We are about to move into a new mode which is opening to participation and collaboration and we are asking anyone who is interested to offer anything from good suggestions to joining in our working group...

We are particulary interested in designers, web and graphic, content editors*, researchers*, photographers and filmakers, local office space (Findhorn, Scotland), and anyone with interest, enthusiasm and/or good ideas.


These basic defining principles and areas of exploration are, like many things in this project, evolving. This is the nature of emerging, pioneering consciousness and collaborative intelligence, the nature of which is unfolding and being clarified as more beings participate. We have key pieces of the jigsaw and the rest will arrive when they are required, or so we have found.

These are also focus and starting points for discussion, development and clarification.  Evolution is inevitable.


The GINI website is a collaborative project that is experimental, evolving and focusing primarily on structure.  Volunteers needed and welcome!


T +44 778 795 7021

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: gini

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