We are inviting participation in a variety of ways. We are currently transitioning from development to implementation stage and are looking for interested and enthusiastic people that are interested in being part of a pioneering, experimental that seeks to develop new initiatives for local, national and global community. We are looking for volunteers at this point as we have no funding as yet and we gaurantee an ongoing atmosphere of individual valuing, collaborative support and constantly evolving ideas on every level.

We are currently operating with a skeleton team of people. Until recently it has been necessary to keep things small because the core of the project has had to go through rigorous development and evolution both so it has got to a point where it can be expressed clearly and where it can be satisfactorily shared with others.  There is still so much more to unfold, but enough to work with consciously for now.

Having said all that, we also welcome participation at any level you choose as there are small and big jobs to do.  One of those jobs is to work on bringing the website and presentation up to a standard good enough to attract the funding we need to really get going.  We will eventually be in a position to have the means to provide financial remuneration for those in need.

Right now we are looking for.

General help and support as well as potential for co-facilitation.


Page update editors.

Web Designers/maintainers


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