GiNi now


This year we made a decision to move to Findhorn in Scotland partly in the capacity of our ongoing study of communities and partly because we wanted to be there for the run up and during the New Stories conference which from what we have earned so far appears to aligned with core ideas of the GiNi project.

To finance the move and ongoing living costs we have had to sacrifice time for development of the website and focus on earning money to live.  At the same time being within the Findhorn community, meeting people from round the world and particpating in the communty event that is running alongside the already fully booked main event.  All of this has been very valuable and has been a key part of how the project has evolved and developed these past 6 months.

The Next Steps

The lead up to and time of the summit we see as a key process in how the next stage for GiNi will unfold.

When time and resources allow we work on the website and the growing collection of resources that will be making theur way on to the site soon.
Like all projects of this nature, resources are paramount and we are working towards a quality of presentation that explains clearly the mission and philosphy of the project, pilot projects that will be starting points and crucially the involvement of key people in the development of all aspects.  Finance, human resources, equipent and working space are all key needs to move to the next step and right now we feel that participating as we are in the New Stories as well as other developments* are important steps forward at this time.


"The unfolding and collaborative nature of this project, is by design a minimal and 'responsive' structure"
"A portal: to aligned projects, ideas and resources"

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