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Airbnb slump means Europe's cities can return to residents, say officials

Airbnb slump means Europe's cities can return to residents, say officials
Cities like Barcelona want to use crisis to allow people to rent properties at decent rates
Ghost towers and empty spas… London housing is ridiculous
The capital’s empty luxury aparment blocks stand as living metaphors for a once great city’s broken priorities.
70% of Councils in England struggle to find housing for Homeless people, new report shows
Charities call for more affordable homes as rising numbers of people end up trapped in B&Bs and temporary accommodation.
I’m homeless – and your government is to blame, James Brokenshire
The housing minister’s ignorant comments are a grave insult, at a time when more and more of us are dying on the streets.
Rise in homelessness not result of our policies, says housing secretary
James Brokenshire blames factors such as family breakdown and drug use.
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Ghost towers and empty spas… London housing is ridiculous
The capital’s empty luxury apartment blocks stand as living metaphors for a once great city’s broken priorities.
'Discharged to the streets': one homeless man's struggle in freezing London
Richard Curtis, 66, was released from hospital as a snowstorm loomed. His story is typical.
Half of young people facing homelessness denied help – report
Tens of thousands approaching UK councils for help last year got no meaningful support.
slumland Britain: a housing market failure
Ministers need to come up with their own ideas to tackle the housing crisis rather than just pinching Labour ones they have previously mocked. That means ditching indifference for intervention.
At Least 449 Homeless People Died Last Year, Bureau of Investigative Journalism And Channel 4 News Reveals
Office for National Statistics to now produce official estimates on homeless deaths.
Even The Cheapest Houses Are Out Of Reach Of Young People, Institute For Fiscal Studies Report Finds
Research reveals startling differences in home ownership compared to 20 years ago.
Hidden Homelessness: The Most Important Social Problem Facing Britain Today
The hidden homeless are those who exist out of sight in hostels, bedsits, squats and on friend’s sofas. It is also those who live on the margins of homelessness, precariously housed in insecure, overcrowded and filthy conditions, facing the ever present threat of eviction.
Only a total rethink can solve the housing crisis
If shelter is a human right why not create a national housing service to provide homes for those who have none?
The Guardian view on the housing white paper: it won’t fix a broken market
Mrs May’s team has missed an opportunity to repudiate a Thatcherite inheritance. Instead their policies offer to continue the obsession with house prices – a fixation that has long destabilised the economy.
Theresa May Has Promised £2bn For Social Housing - But It Won't Even Come Close To Fixing The Housing Crisis
As housing associations look and act more like private property developers and build fewer and fewer social rented homes, it is easy to see why some say they have lost their ‘social purpose’
'I never feel safe': meet the people at the very sharpest end of the housing crisis - disabled millennials
.Finding decent accommodation is hard enough for ‘generation rent’ millennials – but for young disabled people a nightmare shortage of accessible housing is ruining lives and career prospects.
Soaring rents rose 60% faster than pay since 2011 – Shelter
Many English towns out of reach for workers, whose pay rose only 10% in seven years.
Renting? You’re lucky to have £23 left after paying the bills
For most private tenants, renting is not a lifestyle choice – it’s the only option available to them.
Owning a home cheaper than renting in every part of UK, study finds
Prospective first-time buyers could make a saving of £2,268 per year – if they can raise a £51,000 deposit.
London rents rising almost three times faster than wages, research finds
Union calls on employers to raise pay or risk staff shortages.
Millennial housing crisis engulfs Britain
Figures showing problem is not confined to London raise concerns about inter-generational fairness.
On The Streets Of Camden, Where Rough Sleeping Has Gone Up 647% In A Year
'Rough sleeping has no place in the 21st century.'.
What kind of society tries to make its beggars invisible? Ours does
Of course it is distressing to see people sleeping on the street – but we should be demanding real solutions, not using legislation to hide the problem.
One in seven councillors in English rental hotspots are landlords
Findings raise questions over whether dual role makes councils less inclined to regulate standards in private rental sector.
House prices aren’t the issue – land prices are
There’s a simple solution that will give us cheaper homes – if only the chancellor would listen.
Homelessness has surged for seven years. And it’s clear who’s to blame
The Tories’ ruinous policies have seen rough sleeping soar. And universal credit will pile on the misery for thousands more.
Why Theresa May’s pledges won’t fix the UK’s housing disaster
Rent controls are drastically needed to stop people being priced out of homes. But the Tories are wedded to the free market and won’t let down their landlord friends.
‘A Home Is A Human Right’ : Labour Activist Hits Out As Homelessness Rockets In The UK
“What is needed is not spare change but real, transformative change.”
We had dealt with homelessness. Why has it now returned?
The failure by the Tories to tackle the severe housing shortage is part of an ideology to target the vulnerable.
The Tories are creating homelessness – and we’re just letting them do it
The soaring number of people on the streets is the logical outcome of a toxic brand of Conservatism: shrink the state this far, and casualties are inevitable.
Taxpayer money paid to private landlords doubles over 10 years, reaching almost £10bn
The National Housing Federation calculates that £9.3bn of the £24bn housing benefit last year went to landlords in the private rented sector, up from just £4.6bn in 2005/06
Fifty years on and a new generation of Cathys have nowhere to call home
A lack of affordable housing, sky-high prices and unsafe private rented homes have created a modern-day crisis that past governments have failed to solve
Average price of London home almost doubles to £600,625 since 2009
Biggest increase in Waltham Forest, east London, where house prices have skyrocketed by 113% over seven years
London University Rent Strike Sees Students Withhold £1m In Payments
The rent strike, which organisers say is the largest of its kind by students, is in response to excessive prices and poor quality accommodation.
Rents continue to rise across the UK and in London
Latest figures show average rent outside London rose to £764 a month, while within the capital it hit £1,543
Property rents rise at twice speed of average earnings
Monthly cost of renting a home increased on average by £10 in June to £747, which is a year-on-year increase of 1.4%
A charity selling off its housing is a new low for gentrification
In my constituency of Walthamstow, the Glasspool Trust, backed by NatWest, is offloading 63 homes to a private developer. How did it come to this?
Three Wishes To Solve The Housing Crisis From Mumsnet, Hamptons And Generation Rent
Britain's homes are in crisis. There are problems with the housing market in every sector: house prices that far outstrip wages, a dire lack of council housing, and soaring rents and instability in areas of booming private rentals, which now accommodate 11 million people.
Developers accused of restricting supply of new homes to boost profits
Chair of Commons committee criticises firms for ‘building at a rate to maximise their profits rather than address the country’s housing need’
Typical tenant pays £40,000 in rent over five years
Research by Shelter highlights high cost of renting as Lords debates bill that charity claims will exacerbate housing shortage

More councils threatening homeless people with £1000 fines for begging and rough sleeping
Three councils have used new orders to ban rough sleeping, and six more are planning to bring them in soon.
Britain’s House Price Crash – 2016 Predictions Mount
Housing in many countries, especially Britain is no longer an investment, it’s now made up of three fundamentals; consumption, crime and concern.
One night on the streets: a portrait of homelessness in Britain
The Guardian sent reporters to five cities on Thursday night to report on how the people at the heart of Britain’s homelessness crisis are coping. Here are their stories
'Every day is a struggle': rough sleeping on the rise in London
Higher rents, cuts to council services and migration from eastern Europe have contributed to a sharp increase in the number of homeless people on the streets of the capital.
Gimme shelter: stories from London’s homeless
Rough sleeping has risen by 30% in the past year in the UK and the highest numbers are to be found in the London borough of Westminster. We ask some of those living on the streets to tell us their stories…
The 'growing issue' of homeless people sleeping in bins
The number of homeless people found sleeping rough in recycling bins is growing, according to one of the biggest waste management firms in the UK. Why is this happening?
George Osborne Didn't Want To Build Houses That 'Produce Labour Voters'
George Osborne and David Cameron blocked plans to build more social housing because it would "produce more Labour voters", Nick Clegg has claimed
We Need a Housing Bill That's Fair for All
Having a roof over your head is one of life essentials. A home that is safe, secure and comfortable provides stability and contributes towards wellbeing.
Yet we are facing a housing crisis which is especially affecting London but also people countrywide.

 A Free Housing Market at a Price
As I write this I’m sat in London, in a £6500 a year off-the-books bedsit-box-room with mice and damp that I pay for in cash. And after a £400 deposit and no receipt, I feel I’m earning my stripes for the financially fucked generation of Britons aptly dubbed; ‘generation rent’.

Housing crisis hits 1960s levels as tenants battle to cope, says Shelter
Five decades after Cathy Come Home, charity says that 53% of private tenants are struggling to pay rent.
The cost of private rent is out of control
Instead of providing homes for people at rents we can pay, our taxes are subsidising extortionate rents on a massive scale.
100,000 Children Will Wake Up Homeless On Christmas Day -15,000 More Than Last Year, Shelter Estimates
The charity calculated that the number of homeless children has increased by almost 15,000 in the last year alone.

Homeless Children - The True Cost of the UK's Economic Crisis
There are currently almost 100,000 homeless children in the UK and the numbers are at a six year high. Hidden away in temporary accommodation that risks their physical, mental and emotional health, these children represent the true cost of the country's economic crisis.
Man United stars Neville and Giggs tell hotel squatters: stay for winter
Manchester stock exchange building being renovated by Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs as a boutique hotel has been occupied by homeless activists.
Average monthly rent hits record high of £816, highlighting housing shortage
Rents rose across most of England by averages of 6.3% and 8.5% in past year, say separate studies, but fell in the north-west, north-east and Wales
Soaring London house prices sucking cash out of economy, study says
Study shows knock-on effects of high mortgages and rents on consumer spending and wage bills, increasing risk of capital becoming no-go zone for staff across whole sectors

No wonder landowners are scared. We are starting to learn who owns Britain
Scotland is breaking the cover-up that stifles our political thought. Bring the Highland Spring south.

Charity gives London’s young homeless tickets to sleep on night buses
Bus tickets distributed to vulnerable rough-sleepers, as official figures show number of new households deemed homeless in England rose by 5%.

Revealed: the widening gulf between salaries and house prices
Buyers in England and Wales forced to spend up to 12 times their income as gap between earnings and house prices widens
Where can you afford to buy a house?
If you wanted to buy a house at the median price and earned £25,000  93% of England and Wales would be beyond your means in 2014.

London housing crisis: £480 a month for a bed, in a shed, in the lounge
The rising cost of renting in the capital has led to some landlords being creative with their properties
Home shortage and lending rules: why Generation Rent is out of luck
Property prices have not always risen so quickly, but insufficient new housing means little hope of improvement
Too Many Young People Are Leaving Home to Escape Violence and Abuse
When groups of children are asked to describe a homeless person, the response is generally the same. "Dirty, smelly, ugly, poor." When I ask adults the answers are along similar lines, albeit with a wider vocabulary. Quite honestly, I thought the same until I became homeless myself. People both young and old perceive homeless people as just those we see outside tube stations and department stores: the rough sleepers.
Britain’s farmland has become a tax haven. Who dares reform it?
With soaring prices and generous tax breaks, speculation on agricultural land is putting housing development at risk. The Scottish government could offer a fairer way forward to end this abuse
London Council's Homelessness Poster Advises Public Against Giving To Beggars
A London borough has launched a controversial poster campaign that advises the public not to give money to those begging on the streets as doing so may “contribute to someone’s early death”.
Scandal of Europe's 11m empty homes
Housing campaigners denounce 'shocking waste' of homes lying empty while millions cry out for shelter
Soaring student rents push college accommodation to brink of crisis
Call for regulation as living costs outstrip loans, with rents rising 25% in three years, leaving half of undergraduates struggling to pay bills.
London's richest borough to move those in temporary housing to cheaper areas
Kensington and Chelsea says it is looking for 39 homes outside borough because it cannot afford properties in area where average price is £1.4m.
Infographic: Price of UK's escalating housing crisis
An investigation into the UK’s housing crisis has revealed that the taxpayer has spent almost £2bn housing vulnerable homeless families in short-term temporary accommodation in the past four years.
Now the housing crisis is threatening our economy
Never mind the human toll, Britain’s housing crisis is said to be so bad it is now threatening the national economy.
UK tenants pay more rent than any country in Europe
British renters pay a higher proportion of their wages as well a higher rents, according to the National Housing Federation.
the affordable housing shortage reaches "crisis" situation
Nearly a million new homes are needed for the most vulnerable in society by 2021 as the affordable housing shortage reaches "crisis" situation, a charity has warned.
The great property swindle: why do so few people in Britain own so much of our land?
The myth spun about Britain is that land is scarce. It is not – landowners are paid to keep it off the market.
UK property prices have made us millionaires – but damaged democracy
One in 10 of UK adults now live in a household worth at least £1m, thanks mostly to soaring house values. The main political parties can't help but cater to property owners, so who will represent the rest?
London could face economic crash if 1% of top earners do not loosen their grip on the housing market
A change in the attitude among the 1 per cent of top earners towards the '99 per cent' will mark the turning point for an improvement in living standards, Professor Danny Dorling, a leading social thinking and professor of human geography has predicted.
Young people in UK increasingly giving up on owning a home – Halifax survey
Lower levels of home ownership could become normal despite government help to buy, according to the bank’s Generation Rent report

5 Insane Facts On How House Prices Have Risen Faster Than Wages
New research has shown that the effect of house prices continuing to rise faster than wages means that homes are now more unaffordable than they were in 1997.
World Must Act To Stop Another Massive Housing Crash
The International Monetary Fund has sounded the alarm over the state of the housing market around the world, as it published new data showing that property prices were "well above" their historical average in many countries.
Tenant evictions reach six-year high amid rising rents and benefit cut
Bailiffs in England and Wales evicted more than 11,000 families in the first three months of 2015, 51% higher than in same period five years ago
Britain’s obsession with ownership has turned housing into a pyramid scheme
George Osborne’s budget offered a ‘lifeline’ for first-time buyers. But in the long term, the market is unsustainable.
Eddie Izzard locks horns with landlords over Chelsea social housing estate
Comedian targets ‘moneyocracy’ by fighting Affinity Sutton’s plans to replace 144 low-rent homes at William Sutton Estate with luxury apartments
Councils pay private landlords up to £4,000 to house tenants
Housing charities say widespread practice underlines difficulties for councils housing tenants in market where landlords hold balance of power.

Carson's housing plan would raise rents for poor by 20%, analysis shows
Housing department says proposal, which would affect 4m low-income households, will ‘give poor people a way out of poverty’.
6 Reasons Housing Is About To Become Even More Unaffordable
A new report reveals rising rents and surging inequality — and it’s only going to get worse..
Tiny Homes Banned in US at Increasing Rate as Government Criminalizes Off Grid Living
As the corporatocracy tightens its grip on the masses – finding ever more ways to funnel wealth to the top – humanity responds in a number of ways, including the rising popularity of tiny houses..



ideas/solutions [32]

How do I ... help rough sleepers?
As homelessness rises in the UK, what’s the best way to help? And should you give money to people begging on the street?
Want to tackle inequality? Then first change our land ownership laws
From housing costs to wildlife collapse, we pay the price while the rich boost their profits. But from today we can fight back
Residents welcome new sleeping pods for the homeless in Newport
SLEEPING pods for the homeless in Newport have been hailed as an "emergency lifeline" for rough sleepers and welcomed by residents across the city.
Free PO boxes could help homeless people escape 'catch-22' keeping them on streets
Lack of access to post sees vulnerable individuals miss out on housing and financial support, report finds.
Volunteers have turned this double decker bus into a safe refuge for homeless people
Restaurant owner Jasper Thompson started the project after noticing many more people sleeping on the streets of his home city of Bristol.
+ Homeless People Bus - Gloucestershire
Street Stores That Gives Free Clothes To The Homeless Popping Up Worldwide
A couple of minds came together and thought up a dignified and humane way to connect the people who have too much with the people who have nothing – The Street Store, a charity that donates clothing to the homeless. It is a rent-free, building free, pop-up clothing store that gives clothing away to the poor, absolutely free.
All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless
They hope that one day, their tent will improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness in their community.
'UK housebuilding revolution': £65,000 prefab homes go into production
Two Yorkshire factories try to tackle housing crisis with modular two and three-bedroom homes.
Manchester tackles homelessness crisis – by embracing the arts
The city has begun using a progressive approach to a sharp increase in homelessness – providing arts and culture access to homeless people.
Five key changes in the Homelessness Reduction Act
Support under the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA).
Double decker bus transformed into refuge for homeless people
Volunteers have managed to transform an old double decker bus into a relaxing and homely environment for Bristol’s most vulnerable homeless people.
How to create happy communities through co-housing
A tiny but growing movement is seeking to build and develop new urban neighbourhoods based on sustainable living and mutually supportive communities. Could this end the isolation associated with the modern era?

Homeless Homes Project
"Our goal is to bring together imaginative people and discarded materials to make sturdy, innovative mobile homes for homeless people"
Inside Almere: the Dutch city that's pioneering alternative housing
For custom-build and self-build housing to take off in Britain, we should look to our European neighbours for inspiration
Affordable land would mean affordable housing. Here’s how we get there
The price of land is a huge barrier to house-building, by councils or developers. Lease to individuals, and the equation changes

UK state should pay for housing, food, transport and internet, says report
‘Universal basic services’ costing about £42bn could be funded through higher taxes, say Jonathan Portes and academics.
Housing England has more than 200,000 empty homes. How to revive them?
New schemes are taking derelict homes and resurrecting them. Some even create apprenticeships for young people in the process.
A 3D-printed house you can actually live in should be ready by 2019
Dutch firm Van Wijnen is building an entire community.
‘It Does Something to Your Soul When Everyone Losing Their Homes Looks Like You’
In Durham(USA), a young lawyer raised in public housing teaches elite law students to save poor people from eviction.
This House Can Be 3D-Printed For $4,000
New Story, a company that builds housing in the developing world, has a new invention: a massive 3D printer that will soon be able to extrude an entire four-room house in less than a day.
This Three-Story Tiny House Fits In The Footprint Of A Parking Space
With a floor for working, another for sleeping, and a greenhouse on the top, the Tikku house is designed to replace a city’s parking spots with living space.
What can the UK learn from how Finland solved homelessness?
The Nordic country is the only EU state not in the midst of a housing crisis. Juha Kaakinen of the Y-Foundation explains how Housing First works.
L.A. County considers another path on homelessness: prevention
A single mom who left her boyfriend and was living in a motel. An out-of-stater who came for a job that fizzled. A low-income family with medical bills and a three-day eviction notice. The callers had one thing in common. They were not homeless — yet..
London has tackled homelessness before. It’s time to do so again
We need to build genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy, help ‘invisible’ female rough sleepers and address the root causes of the problem
Pop-up village in south-east London to house homeless families
Place/Ladywell temporary homes project is Lewisham council’s solution to housing people in B&Bs

Canadian City Completely Eradicates Homelessness With Brand New Approach
They did the opposite of what most cities do
see also: One City's Revolutionary Solution Has Basically Ended Homelessness — Here's How

A Shock for the Housing Market, Give them Land, Lots of Land
The housing market needs a shock – a big one. A possibility is this: Layout a million or more house-sized plots of land with minimal infrastructure and sell them off to individual buyers, with a limit of one per person. This gives the owners a chance to develop their plots individually, even build their own should they wish.

Scottish Government launches huts consultation
This week the Scottish Government opened a consultation on a proposed amendment to building regulations which could make it simpler and more affordable to build a small, low impact hut for recreational use.

How the corrala movement is occupying Spain
The financial crash and plummeting property market struck Spain with a high eviction rate and a rash of empty houses. Now victims of the crisis are fighting back by setting up home in a network of vacant buildings.
Utah is ending homelessness by giving people homes
In eight years, Utah has quietly reduced homelessness by 78 percent.
A Simple Solution to Homelessness: Housing
Salt Lake City’s Housing First initiative has reduced chronic homelessness by 72 percent. Now other cities are giving it a try..
Building An Alternative Housing Manifesto For Britain
Daisy-May Hudson is not your stereotypical homeless person. Aged 23, she had just completed a first class honours degree in English literature and drama, was working as a trainee filmmaker – and living in a homeless shelter.
The street that might win the Turner prize: how Assemble are transforming Toxteth
It’s not quite a pickled calf – but the rebirth of a troubled Toxteth community might be art. The story of the street and the young architects succeeding where every official plan has failed has caught the art world’s attention.
Artist transforms trash into mobile homes for homeless
After realizing that all his expensive sculptures do is sit in rich people’s houses all day, California-based sculptor Gregory Kloehn decided that he should create work that was more useful and meaningful. This is how the idea was born to build creative custom-made shelter houses for those in need.
Home Petite Home
In the Pacific Northwest, people with nowhere else to go are forming micro-communities with communal kitchens and toilets but teeny, individual sleeping units. Could tiny homes, once the provenance of design blogs, help curb homelessness nationwide?
How to build sustainable homes without spending a penny
From Earthships to underground houses, The Moneyless Man says building low-impact housing for free is theoretically possible.
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Ending homelessness, rebuilding lives.
StreetLink exists to help end rough sleeping by enabling members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that can support them. .
Find a room to share
Room sharing site.
We provide expert information, training and advice to housing professionals. Work with us to end homelessness in your area..
Citizens Advice: Housing.
Priced Out: The campaign for affordable house prices.
Angry about the high cost of housing? PricedOut gives you a voice.
Learning Disability England: Housing Resources.
Local Self Build Register
Fancy designing your own home? Register here to let your local council know.
A crowdfunding platform built to support homeless people through training and into stable, paid work..

Living Inside a Tiny Eco Home
Super High Spec Professionally Built Tiny House

The Land is Ours
Stop Homelessness
Scottish Land Action Movement
The Box Room


Gaurdian - Housing(UK)


London Rent Map

Tengbom - New Solution House
5 Ancient House Designs That You Can Build Really Cheap
Tiny house Blog
Fablahouse - IAAC


Systems of Land Ownership
History of Land as Private Property
How The English People Became Landless
England Enclosure Records and Maps

Homelessness Inquiry

London Fairness commission

Homes sweet homes: a brick by brick breakdown of housing manifestos
Labour wants to end homelessness. The Tories promise cheap land for councils to build on. And the Lib Dems would give planning power to the people. So which party should you bet your house on?.
No one turned away
Changing the law to prevent and tackle homelessness.
Experts say housing bill signals end of the road for affordable housing
'A mess’ and only for homeowners: leading social housing experts give their views on the policies in the housing and planning bill

Theresa May: Housing statement Factcheck
Theresa May’s claim about housing doesn’t give the full picture.




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