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GiNi is proposing a number of projects subject to available funding which we are currently seeking and will be applying for.
As undertanding and focusing on *Needs* is at the core of GiNi's foundation and resilient structure, it has always been the case that *Housing/Home* would be at the heart of the first public project.  Consequently we are now puttng together the pieces of this project (see below) and are formulating a presentation for Patreon in order to beging to attract the necessary funding to get this off the ground. 

The Housing/Home project (working title)

As *Needs* is at the heart of our philosophy and mission Housing / Home became the obvious plavce to start.  For our basic needs to be met we have to have safety, shelter, a conducive, warm and regenerative environment to be able to function in the world in any kind of optimal fashion.   From a Collaborative Intelligence perspective, the current state of Housing/Home is in a dire and frankly outrageous condition.  In an area of essential need, wherever there is anxiety, trauma and insecurity something is worng, out of alignment, in urgent need of attention.
In the realm of Housing/Home it has been in this state for quite a few years and is clearly getting worse by the day.  We see this as an very real and urgent crisis at the heart of our community, society and nation.
The Housing/Home project is dedicated to diagnosing problem and developing solutions through Collaborative Intelligence and utilising that which is already developed on a psychological understanding and practise level.  We contend that the solutions to this problem may one day come from the political/management class, we certianly hope that eventually emerges, but that currently this is clearly not within the vested interest of this strata of our society and therefore the solutions will need to come from a local grass roots and global (Network/Collaborative) level.

The outline, proposals, funding, personnel and foundational elements of this project will be outlined here in due course. 
One of the tasks to get this project going is the setting up of a Patreon channel in order to raise funding and interest through a dedicated funding and presentation orieneted channel.  As well as that there are a small group of dedicated volunteers coming together from time to time, when available, to put together the foundation elements of the project and also we are announcing it here and opening to particpation, ideas and input from you the reader of this.
Through November and December the presentation, key elements and direction will form and become more intelligible and clear so come back here and see how it transpires.

In the meantime do check out the Shelter/News and Resources pages for articles and resources that aready exist on this website.

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