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After many years of research and development the Housing Project is the first step of GiNi into building a foundation of intent and action that aims to create the first channel the significant inner and development work of the last 23 years.
This project is based on what we consider to be a good idea.
This idea is relatively simple. People need somewhere to live; that place needs to feel secure; a secure place to live is an absolute essential, nature provided, need and must be available to all people as a basic human soveriegn right.

The housing emergency crisis that we have now reached is all of our own making.  It is based within the process of industrialisation and the reclassifying of the essential need called 'housing' to 'housing market' as if this need was just a method of exploitation.  We believe that we have now arrived at a point where the essential and criminal neglect inherent in these ideas has now reached a point where it's cruelty and insanity is now meeting the stark results of it's rotten core.

If we prioritise the basic needs of human beings we first align with what nature provides for all, second, we acknowledge that people who are have secure homes, food, warmth and functional community form a greater society that feels safe, motivated and energised enough to basically function as a whole, third, a society made up of individuals who are functioning optimally will learn well, work well, relate well, participate well and be well.

Understanding the role of basic needs in the role of individual health and national health seems like a simple and obvious idea, one would think, but there are a number of complex factors that prevent this from being an obvious foundation upon which all of our governance is built.

This project is also about community.  Hundreds of years of housing exploitation and questionable work ethis have broken communities, families and friends.  Thos division may be good for business but it is devastating for human physical, emotional and spiritual health.   We believe that the issue of housing is not seperable from the issue of community and this will be a foundational part of the housing project as it is of the GiNi project.


Housing, shelter, haven, a place to sleep and eat, rest, be. A place of safety.
These are all essential components of staying alive, healthy, functional and of being in a body.
Home is an essential and what it provides are essentials to both an individual and to the basic functioning of any healthy community.

But as we look at out own society and check to see if the foundational components of physical, emotional and mental health are functioning optimally we see that things are not at all healthy, not at all well managed, that large numbers of people are suffering and inevitably, and obviously, society is also suffering.

Surely it is obvious that everyone needs a home, that everyone needs to feel secure in their home and that if these thing are not a first priority the consequences will fan out into the whole system, regardless of what position anyone is in?
Apparently, and amazingly, this is not obvious. Even as people talk about the NHS as a major priority for people, they don't also equate the stress and suffering throughout the land as a result of absent, poor and compromised housing as
being a major foundation of bad health.


The first stage of this project is about asking how we got to this point. Where is where we are now leading to. What is actually the truth about what is happening. Why would anyone accept that anyone whatsoever would not require their essential needs to be met, regardless of their history or circumstance + what solutions are being used to solve this problem, what solutions are there and of any solutions that are being used currently, how are they working in relation to the scale of the problem.

The second stage, having answered the questions of the first, will be to establish action steps in the project that are in alignment with the principles, philosophy and mission of GiNi which we think take things into account that are seldom considered in much of the discussion of this subject.

This is the first draft of this proposal and as with all things GiNi will evolve as it meets the collaborative intelligence of any and all that choose to work with us on it

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