Current Project : The Housing Project

We are initiating a project to research, discuss and develop collaboratively based solutions to housing in the UK.
We belive that a home is a human right. Home is a basic and essential component of health.  Home is where the body, mind and soul of an individual needs to feel safe and where the heart of community is recharged.  And that the health of a society is reflected in the health of it's citizens housing and their ability to find safety, peace and regeneration.

We believe that solutions to the challenges and problems of housing can be solved when the will to do so is present and that clearly, given the current state of things, the will to do so is not anywhere near present at the current time.

To begin with this project will look at a number of factors as we collect information, viewpoints, statistics, real life stories, current solutions both potential and actual. Here is a breakdown of key steps in the foundation of the project.

    • Researching and compiling relevant history of housing and mapping out how we got to here.
    • Exploring housing and homeless organisations and putting together a picture of initiatives and ideas.
    • Compiling and evolving a collection of figures, statistics and projections.
    • Looking at the goals of the housing market in relation to the essential needs of every individual.
    • Compiling stories through a band of experience from homelessness to financial housing stress.
    • Researching and presenting current solutions and ideas from around the world.
    • Researching and applying for funding for this project.

      We are building a small team, at first, of volunteers to cover the various areas of research and outreach to individuals and organisations that are involved in solutions or that can provide any relevant input.

      If you are intersted to be part of this project either as a GINI volunteer or to participate in a collaborative capacity as representative of a reevant organisation or project, then please do get in touch with us.





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