NOVEMBER 2018 :womb

Maintaining and evolving the GINI website is challenging partly because of a very small team in which there are people not focused on web based and particularly because the essence of GINI is about starting in inner space and working outwards.  The foundational philosophy is based in internal revolution, challenging all conditioning and normalisation of disconnected societal development and values, re-learning how to communicate and understand how judgement inteferes with curiosity and true understanding, remembering that nature is intelligent and that we can only maintain our own intelligence and integrity by working with the source of our own lives and much more.
Being deeply involved in these perspectives as we set out to build a team of like minded people means that we understand that building a strong foundation takes patience, learning, experience and time to build a resilient and integral structure on which we can then interact with a world that is so conflicted, so traumatised and so held in it's ego/insecurity complex as it tries to understand the chaos and shambles that arises from it's daily actions and find anyone to blame other than itself.

However, much has taken place and continues to so that we are gradually coming to a place where the outer planned intitiatives of GINI will soon start to be established and expanded.  So, over the next week or so we intend to outline some of these initiatives and lay out where we want to go and what kind of people we are looking for to be part of this journey.

If you are interested now, get in touch.





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