GINI, the Good Ideas Network Initiative, looks at pathways and solutions to how we manage the information and ideas that shape ourselves and the society we live in.
We start with questions, listening, as open a mind as is possible, developing the resilience and understanding required to look at causes and issues that may require looking at ourselves as part of both the problem and the solution.

In a world seemingly addicted and irrationally hopeful that polarised politics is still the answer to solving problems, we contend that understanding ourselves, our essential needs, our rights to those needs and overall, our psychological intelligence is the new front line of understanding and effective action to solve our issues.


Until recently the project has been a development phase, exploring, experimenting, exploring - a sketch pad for ideas working toward building a foundation of transition. A core perspective of this project is observing and working with the eroded sense of WE, the deeply installed separation that is a feature of a dominate and control culture and that rolls forward unable to find enough unity to regulate itself.
Designing strategies and solutions to address this reality has required stepping back, breathing in, drawing on all resources that are inside and outside to develop a foundation that can be deeply relied on to re-integrate inner and outer fragments of ourselves that have been at the effect of the top down system we live in that imposes so many limitations on the development of the unique and precious potential of all individuals and the collaborative intelligence of the collective.

We are now establishing a foundation that is firmly based in evidence based psychology, study of needs, trauma and stress, individual safety and empowerment and as with all things in this project utilising all the collaborative intelligence and wisdom that is available in the world, even if the current leaders/managers are apparently unaware, as yet.


GINI starts with the premise that our individual and collective psychology is in need of an upgrade.
Many of our established attitudes and deeply ingrained habits of thinking and communicating are rooted in hundreds of years of influences, including political and religious manipulation, conflicts and divisions and more recently, powerful financial interests that invest heavily in shaping people's sense of what is important.
To transition form a 'normalised' paradigm of increasing separation and top down control to one of Individual empowerment and collaborative intelligence, we study, research and develop skills and practises to re-establish individual empowerment and collaborative confidence.
As our society continues to ever reach to the outside, to consumption, mind based strategies and it's deep addiction to polarity, we contend that the answers are inside; in finding comfort and fulfilment in our bodies, in integrating internal fragmentation and identifying and responding to all of our essential needs.
To value Being as much as we value Action.

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