GINI is: a transformative project researching and developing the understanding, skills and strategies to be able to re-empower the individual from the inside out, reconnect a sense of 'we' and build a foundation that supports collaborative intelligence.

In a world seemingly addicted to and still irrationally hopeful that polarised politics is the solution to our problems while simultaneously creating increasingly complex communities, we are aware that there have been very significant developments in psychology, understanding of the brain/body and of how the balance of nature and the sustaining of life depends in US to recognise that we need to recognise where we have evolved, while also recognising where we have not.  The latter may be crucial to our survival and genuine prosperity.

How long can a sophisticated, diverse and increasingly stressed society continue to be so poorly represented by a system that doesn't even prioritise people's basic needs as an essential foundation to a healthy and productive society?   Answer: as long as it takes for enough people to realise that we have to be able to step out of our deeply insecure ego slavery -able to realise/learn that we have the tools to transcend this old world state - and step into an individually empowered, needs based and resource sharing, collaborative network of shared intelligence.

It is getting increasingly clear that significant available intelligence, outside of establishment circles, is now overtaking that of the established systems that are inherently unable to extricate themselves from their own limited viewpoint.  What was once fringe, developmental, experimental is finding itself and gaining the ability to see through the inevitably failing systems of the old story.  This is a natural process of succession.  The old gives rise to it's own replacement.

We contend that the new front line of evolutionary change starts within ourselves. That we have become highly normalised to levels of separation, deprivation, stress and the consumption, addiction and dissociation that result. We hold all this in our bodies, individually and collectively and through our acceptance of seperation become deprived of the safety, resourcing and collaborative intelligence that are needed to maintain individual and collective health.

GINI is a project exploring and establishing strong inner foundations that rebuild integration, self respect, care and empowerment, rebuilding a resilient SELF that is able to rebuild a resilient COMMUNITY.
Caring for ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our hearts and understanding what creates division, seperation and subsequent deprivation is essential to a healthy individual and community and needs to be at the heart of our individual, family and governmental priorities.




This is a project about transformation.  Human societies have taken material development and the refining of exchange, through the medium of money, to a stage where the distribution and intelligent management of resources, an essential component of any healthy planet has become so imbalanced and so normalised that we have virtually incorporated deep denial as a character trait within our collective psychology.
Despite so much of human focus being on the material, the outside of things, there have been very significant developments happening simultaneously on the inside and even though these have been much less visible, our understanding of human needs, development, potential and the social nature of how we function now reveal both the roots of all of our problems and also of our solutions.

The process of understanding all and any of this has required stepping back, breathing in, drawing on all resources that are inside and outside to develop a foundation that can be deeply relied on to re-integrate inner and outer fragments of ourselves that have been at the effect of the top down system we live in that imposes so many limitations on the development of the unique and precious potential of all individuals and the collaborative intelligence of the collective.

We are now establishing a foundation that is firmly based in evidence based psychology, study of needs, trauma and stress, individual safety and empowerment and as with all things in this project utilising all the collaborative intelligence and wisdom that is available in the world, even if the current leaders/managers are apparently unaware, as yet.


GINI starts with the premise that our individual and collective psychology is in need of an upgrade.
Many of our established attitudes and deeply ingrained habits of thinking and communicating are rooted in hundreds of years of influences, including political and religious manipulation, conflicts and divisions and more recently, powerful financial interests that invest heavily in shaping people's sense of what is important.
To transition form a 'normalised' paradigm of increasing separation and top down control to one of Individual empowerment and collaborative intelligence, we study, research and develop skills and practises to re-establish individual empowerment and collaborative confidence.
As our society continues to ever reach to the outside, to consumption, mind based strategies and it's deep addiction to polarity, we contend that the answers are inside; in finding comfort and fulfilment in our bodies, in integrating internal fragmentation and identifying and responding to all of our essential needs.
To value Being as much as we value Action.

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