Our global community is on a journey during which along the way we have made key developmental choices that shaped the way we managed the natural resources upon which we depend on to survive and the way in which we managed our goverments, economies, education, sustenance and particularly our mental health.

All the choices we have made have brought us to a crux point on our path at which we have unprecedented opportunity to understand what brought us to here and how we could optimally evolve.  At the same time, we have focused on the the accumulation of power and material wealth, the manipulation of people and nature as a commodity to be used in service of our accumulative goals and now have reached a point where the sustainability of that model is in grave doubt and the perpetuation of it shows an ignorance of the need for our race to work as a natural organism that needs to work as a co-operative whole in order to survive and thrive.

Our mission is to facilitate a quality of space, discussion, depth of inquiry, a focus of intelligence and good ideas to produce solutions, initiatives and evolving processes.  

It is a confluence of minds, a global participation project, an organism that regulates itself by the intelligent participation of it's constituents, a gathering point for good ideas/suggestions/solution based discussion, an access/collaboration point to other initiatives…   Learn more →


  • GiNi at Findhorn 2013-01-13 by Laurence McLeod-Sharpe The first day of the New Stories summit at Findhorn community.  GiNi decided to come to Findhorn as part of the our project to study communitie...


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“The financial crisis we are facing today arises from the fact that there is almost no more social, cultural, natural, and spiritual capital left to convert into money.”   Charles Eisentstein



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